Ratrix Advantage:
Ratrix Technologies develops revolutionary solutions to maximize the data throughput and spectral efficiency of wireless communication systems. Our novel, patent pending solutions support high order MIMO decoders with exceptional accuracy and superior link robustness for greater coverage area. These baseband PHY solutions are available as licensable IP cores for SOC integration or for embedded implementation using DSP, FPGA or similar platform.

- MIMO decoders - 3, 4, 6, 8 streams for IEEE802.11ac, LTE-A, wireless radios
- Massive MIMO decoders – LTE-A base stations, wireless radios
- 1024/2048 QAM MIMO decoders
- LTE SC-FDMA Uplink decoders
- Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) systems

- Significant improvements in wireless receiver SNR, diversity
- High data throughput
- Robust communications
- Extended range
- High order modulation
- Wide bandwidth support
- Low latency, fixed throughput
- Scalable to high dimensional systems
- Standards compliant